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Fulfilling Customer’s ID Requirements

Organizations in almost any industry have a need to verify IDs every so often. When it’s a question of professionally verifying an ID, jenID Solutions provides the state-of-the-art solution.​

  • Improve the User Experience
  • Increase Your Conversion Rates
  • Avoid fraud – Be Compliant
  • Reduce Costs


Genuine-ID – the smartest ID authentication in the world:​

The fastest, most reliable automated ID verification​. The most comprehensive and current ID database for any country in the world​. Real value​.

The fastest and most reliable automated ID verification system on the market today

Genuine-ID is the smartest way to verify your customers’ identity and only requires the user to provide a simple ID scan and a real-time selfie. The capturing process includes an assistant and it is simple and intuitive. Genuine-ID provides the only fully automated international verification service. This prevents human mistakes and enables verification results within a few seconds.

The most comprehensive and up-to-date ID database for any country in the world

Our fully automated verification service is based on the most comprehensive and current ID database, and it includes passports, national ID cards and driver’s licenses from all over the world. And of course, the database includes security features that human verifiers don’t know and wouldn’t be able to recognize with the naked eye, even if they could.

Providing real value

Full automation means that there is no need for human interaction, which it turn leads to real-time verification results and an enormous opportunity to reduce expenses.


Our innovative real-time ID verification software

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