14. May 2018

Quick and secure international identity verification

The leading international provider of automated, quick, and cost-efficient identity checks now uses a database containing all ID cards for the whole of Europe. This is the most secure process available on the market today.

Whether driving licence, passport, or identity card – the "Genuine ID" software of jenID Solutions GmbH recognises all official documents issued in Europe. jenID uses a database that contains all these documents from the European countries as templates. Even Turkey and Russia are completely covered.

How template-based verification works
The user photographs the front and reverse of his/her document. The information is sent to the verification servers – all of which are located in Germany. In the first verification step, the system categorises which type of document it is. This can be a complex challenge. For example, there are 16 different valid versions of driving licences in the UK alone. In the second step, the document is checked for security features by comparing it with the "document templates". In addition, the automatically read data on the ID document is checked for consistency. Only if everything matches is the verification successful.

Comparison with the error-prone deep learning method
This fully automated process takes seconds and is much more secure than the deep learning method. In this case, the system is gradually fed with examples on the basis of which it "learns" and outputs better results. According to tests by jenID Solutions, this method has an average error rate of 20%. The Deep Learning method is also quite complex: the system must be fed with countless documents of all categories before it works.

Comparison with the video identification method
Even more insecure is the verification by persons because to err is human. Nevertheless, the video identification method is still quite common (e.g. when a new account is opened in Germany). A date on which both persons have time must be agreed upon – a circumstance that many customers complain about and would like to avoid. On the other hand, users of "Genuine-ID" can perform verification at any time of day because the process is fully automated. Thanks to the efficiency of the process, both users and providers save time and money.

We use the advantage of our technology and are continuously expanding the database in order to make further international progress. The next goal is to cover the Arab region.

, says Thomas Winter, Managing Director of jenID Solutions.

Numerous sectors use identity verification
ID cards must be checked to open an account and driving licences to rent a car. There is also broad coverage for tour operators and airlines that need to verify the identity of their international customers. The software of jenID Solutions can be used in all sectors in which identity checks are common. The software and hardware are adapted to the conditions.

About jenID Solutions
jenID Solutions offers flexible software solutions that are tailored to the customer's needs and that allow customers to perform secure identity checks anywhere in the world in real-time. As such, the company knows who is accessing, using or borrowing its products. jenID thus contributes to the protection of end users' identities and prevents fraud.

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jenID Solutions is an innovative provider of software solutions for the automatic authentication of ID documents. Founded in 2014 in Jena (Germany), it has developed reliable and performant ID verification software components for its customers within governmental and commercial environments.

At its two German facilities (at the headquarters in Jena and the sales office in Munich), an experienced team of experts have driven the development of the company from an innovative and flexible start-up Company to being the partner of choice for the automated authentication of ID documents.

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