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jenID Solutions GmbH has launched the partner programme “Genuine Partnership”. The company offers fully automated, secure and fast identity checks – anytime, anywhere. Within the framework of the “Genuine Partnership”, jenID is supporting its partners from various industries with technical support and a comprehensive range of services. Time and money is saved for providers and end users.

The use of jenID Solutions’ identity verification has many benefits, the jenID technology saves time and costs in comparison to other methods and is also user-friendly. In addition, it is especially secure due to the full automation and an extensive database that holds templates from countless countries.

We are already working closely with a number of our customers, so setting up an official partner programme was the next logical step for us

We are already working closely with a number of our customers, so setting up an official partner programme was the next logical step for us

, said Thomas Winter, founder and CEO of jenID Solutions.

In the partner programme “Genuine Partnership” jenID offers an all-round trouble-free package. It is particularly well suited for system integrators and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) companies with projects in which the verification of ID documents is an integral part of the process. jenID provides comprehensive support in incorporating the technology into the partner’s existing system. Furthermore, there is a hotline for all types of queries. Sales are also comprehensively supported and accompanied. The employees are trained before the integration and receive a demonstration of the system as well as extensive information material. Additionally, jenID offers support for customer meetings and joint trade fair appearances.

If a partner is about to start a project with a new customer, he can register this with us – thus ensuring that the customer can use the jenID technology exclusively via our partner and not via competitors

, says Thomas Winter, explaining the advantage of “project protection”.

Advantages for partners at a glance:

– Share of the fast-growing market for online identity verification
– Higher margins through full automation of ID verification
– Technical support: consulting, training and support with jenID
– Integration of the technology into existing systems
– Training and familiarisation of the sales department
– Provision of free demo versions
– Accompaniment to customer appointments and trade fair appearances
– Competitive advantage over rivals
– Project protection: partner exclusively uses jenID technology with customers

How the verification of identities with jenID works
The user photographs or scans the front and back of his document. The security features of the document are checked by algorithms within seconds. Verification is only successful if everything matches.

The jenID programme is particularly well suited for these partners
The software from jenID Solutions can be used in all industries in which identity checks are common, e.g. when opening an account (outside Germany), renting a car or checking the age of an individual wanting to gamble or buy alcohol. Moreover, there is broad coverage for tour operators and airlines who have to verify the identity of their international customers.

Those interested in the partner programme can fill in the following form on the website:

About jenID Solutions

jenID Solutions offers flexible software solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs and that allow customers to perform secure identity checks anywhere in the world in real-time. As such, the company knows who is accessing, using or borrowing its products. jenID thus contributes to the protection of end users' identities and prevents fraud.

Further information:
Genuine-ID app in the Google PlayStore
Genuine-ID app in the App Store
Printable photos, free of charge: jenID photos

Inquiries about the affiliate program GENUINE PARTNERSHIP from jenID can be made here:

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