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The latest identification verification system without the lengthy video-ident process

• Anytime
• Anywhere
• Extremely safe
• In real-time
• All European ID-documents

The only app available free of charge for ID verification, “Genuine-ID Document Check” is – from today – available in the App Store for iOS, too. The app is already available to download for Android users in the Google PlayStore. Made by jenID Solutions – the world’s leading company in automated, fast and cost-effective identity verification.

jenID Solutions GmbH offers comfortable identity verification in real-time through a smartphone, tablet or computer. The process is completely automated and therefore safer than verification carried out by people. The automation eliminates any chance of human error. The app “Genuine-ID Document Check” enables users to verify IDs while on the go. A demo version of the app is available for a 30-day free trial. This free trial makes it possible for companies and traders to test out the app’s functionality within their businesses. Landlords verifying the identity of their tenants, car rental companies verifying driver’s licenses or providers of high-quality services with age limits and many others could all benefit from the use of this app.

Now, with the app being available on iPhone, all smartphone users can carry out document verification easily while on the go and see how simply, safely and quickly document verification can be without an arduous video call.

, said Thomas Winter, Managing Director of jenID Solutions.

How verification with Genuine-ID works
The person whose ID is being verified takes a photo of the front and back of the relevant document (personal ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.) using the camera of a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This image is then sent to the verification server – all of jenID’s servers are in Germany and are subject to German data protection laws.

In the first step of the verification process, the system determines the type of document it is dealing with. Second, the numerous security features of the document are compared with those of the system’s own documents templates.

Should the document be legitimate, the system then checks if the person who provided the document is the genuine owner of the document. For this the provider of the document must look directly into the camera. The person’s facial features are then compared with those of the person in the document (face matching). Then the person is asked to close his or her eyes for a specified amount of time and lastly to smile (liveness detection). These tests increase the security enormously: because of this process, fraudsters are unable to hold photos of other people in front of the camera and steal their identities.

Once all steps are completed successfully the verification is complete.

Advantages of jenID’s verification solution
The fully automated, template-based process is completed within seconds and is considerably safer than the deep learning method or the videoident process.

Additionally, businesses such as car hire companies or travel agencies can offer identity verification throughout Europe. This is because the library used by jenID contains all IDs issued in Europe. Customers of these businesses benefit from being able to carry out ID checks 24 hours a day at any location. Users and providers save time and money through the efficiency of the process.

German legislation is trailing behind safer technical innovation
Worldwide there is a need for a completely automated identification solution. German legislation is, however, still trailing behind on this topic. For example, when opening a bank account or buying a prepaid card from mobile phone providers, verification carried out by a human being using the clearly less safe video ident process is mandatory.

Due to the technical possibilities in the field of verification, we’re certain that the legislation in Germany will be adjusted accordingly

, Thomas Winter, Managing Director of jenID Solutions.